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THIS MONTH BROOKLYN LOCALLY MADE LEATHER GOODS NYC BAGS ACCESSORIES-Best handmade featuring handbags products, made in New York City -  

5 New Bags.. Fashionistas try our Brooklyn Leather Style Bags - Also you can GET IT MADE (Made-to-Order) Need it right now?SHOP IT ONLINE...  A few things check out the latest created by Independent bag maker - Handbag designer Barbara Campbell it's the latest leather handbags of cross body clutch bags, the collection is made in "BROOKLYN" best handmade, specially featuring handbags products that are locally made in New York City - So Hot!!! Made in America! Cutting-edge is what you are looking for.. then try our fashion forward women's accessories made differently in Brooklyn. Deconstructed leather handbags, satchels hand made by globally loved, Brooklyn emerging accessories designer Barbara Campbell of BCNYC; all of her cutting-edge women's leather goods accessories are made differently right here in New York City - TRULY -Unique-Handmade- and affordable."






This season trendy street style one-of-a-kind glam trend is all about simplicity + big or small bold leather clutches bags to take you straight from day to night in a blink of an eye. Love these limited edition one-of-a-kind leather bag products, all studio handmade handbags locally made in brooklyn by accessories handbag designer Barbara Campbell. Tweet what you love! 


Introducing our Brooklyn Made new accessories line of handmade bags "BCNYC" - BARBARA CAMPBELL LEATHER MULTI-COLOR CLUTCH+BAGS HANDMADE STYLES MADE U.S.A are on trend with big and small handbags trends and hot for this fabulous fashion season. Our custom handbags locally made and designed by our farovite handbag-Brooklyn based designer Barbara Campbell offers bags that are hand made in the U.S.A. Shop BCNYC bags online or at a local N.Y.C. boutique (see more bags online!) visit us at twitter @BCAccessories #Brooklyn #BK


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Red Leather Clutch Bag $298.00 By

BARBARA CAMPBELL'S RED LEATHER FOLD OVER CLUTCH BAGS HANDMADE INDIE STYL. Quality bag Line: Best in season by independent emerging accessories handbag maker designer Barbara Campbell, who make all her handbags locally made in Brooklyn #BK , N.C.Y. Barbara says "Red is this year favorite bright big color". Inspiring true love for pace around the world. Red Handbag $298.00 by  


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We are excited to offer  "Fashionista GET IT MADE" - it's Barbara Campbell's latest personalized campaign. It's a hot trend Barbara Campbell is offering to the professional female customers a glam go-to work look, along with private and celebrity clients, stylist and now you our favorite fashionista, who needs and wants the latest styles right now! Recently, Barbara Campbell Accessories launched and unveiled a new product where fashionista can get it made, ordering the designer's quality handmade leather clutch bags and small leather goods in selected custom multi-colors + styles; which are all locally made and crafted by hand... one piece at a time by local favorite indie emerging independent accessories bag maker designer Barbara Campbell herself based in New York. All of Barbara Campbell glam product pieces are all handmade in her studio in New York, Park Slope, Brooklyn. We invite you to see her latest cutting-edge fashion forward one-of-a-kind stylish leather chic glam accessory of clutch bags. More clutches, ::here's the link to view all BCNYC leather clutch bags latest collectionBarbara Campbell BCNYC Leather Clutch Product Are Setting Trend and Are Making News - As featured in  Barbara Campbell leather pink bright clutch bag *BEST SELLER seen above - featured in Sheckys Trend Spy via @fashpotential - here's our latest press article link to read all latest news. P.S. Like what you see? We hope so! Love to hear from you soon, have any questions? *Best way to contact designer Barbara via email: or give her a call 646-391-5356. All your support for your local indie emerging accessories designer Barbara Campbell is appreciated. Don't forget... join us on Twitter or like us on Facebook or refer a Friend.  Today's information did you find it helpful? please send your comments or feedback to us love to read them at Thanks.




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Black Leather Bag + Bold Big Clutches - Bags By Barbara CampbellBold & Big
Black Leather Bag, Classic Glam Leather Clutch By Barbara CampbelClassic & Glam Clutch Fall Must-Have Bags::Custom Bright Colors -Barbara Campbell Pink Clutch Bag > Featured in PINK LEATHER CLUTCH BAG BY BARBARA CAMPBELL ACCESSORIES Brooklyn, Soho and The Hamptons Crazy for Barbara Campbell Leather Clutches!!! Available in local boutiques and shop our bag guide online >


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Barbara Campbell Brooklyn Made Accessories: Jewelry and Handbags — RED EDGY LEATHER HANDBAG-BCNYC_1A twitter Best #Bag! Read more at 

Bowery #Soho Sound Check.. Hear This > Glam Rock #BCAccessories w/Edge! #BK Fashion-Best-Indie-Collection: Shop Now!